Microfiction Monday #52

the train finally arrived

wonder where he left

in purchasing

the fries and colas

leaving the luggages with me

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Winter: 3WW CCIX

winter’s sheen
a hint of snow
lusting for bonfire
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long awaiting magnolias

in a state of rejoice

as spring appears

Forgotten flames

in this light

the forgotten flames

of a deserted lamp

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Not just a monument: Gogyohka

a token of love
not just a monument
made of stones and marbles
but a piece of his heart
for his eternal beloved
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Sacred Ganga

in my palms

a component of Ganga

makes me sacred

(Contributed to Haiku Heights)

***Ganga is the largest and a holy river of the Indian subcontinent.


mid autumn
a vignette of fallen leaves
carpeting the road
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